Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

A burning question, and one that cannot be answered until we receive a design brief for the project or compile one with you the client. Each company or product is different from the next, and therefore will have a different set of objectives and parameters. The price will also vary depending on the scale of the rollout and scope of usage of the proposed corporate or product identity. Usually one of the biggest factors is the size and market reach of the company involved. Here larger companies tend to require a lot of research, brand strategy and positioning, coupled with a large complex implementation – where a smaller company would have much more streamlined needs, and simplified rollout. Contact us and we can quote you according to your needs.

After invoicing and full payment, you (the client) will assume full ownership of the completed artwork and designs, including a set of ‘master’ artwork files suitable for all printed and digital media. We will reserve the right afterward, to showcase any or all of this work for future promotion of Design Oval, and for entry to design awards (hopefully!).

With design it is impossible to make direct comparisons between designers. Why is one brand of perfume, clothing or a car more expensive than another? They serve different functions, and have different levels of quality, experience and expertise. The same applies to designers. We will gladly assist to make your brand happen, even if you have a limited budget, we can structure something that will fit your needs.

Absolutely! With advances in digital proofing and communications many of our dealings with clients take place via telephone, email or video conferencing. While we always welcome the opportunity to sit down and chat through projects with clients, this is often not possible as schedules are hectic at times and time spent travelling to and from meetings is often too much in a day that is jam packed. When face to face meetings are not possible we make it work by using modern technology to communicate and save precious time in a full day! Robyn and Erna are just a phone call away. Office hours are 8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday.

Privacy Notice

A message is unsolicited unless there is an existing relationship between the sender and the recipient, or the recipient has given consent to be sent the message. POPIA legislation makes it an offense to send unsolicited electronic communications for the purpose of direct marketing without consent. Design Oval do not give permission to use our contact details revealed on this site to operate our business sufficiently, to be used for any form of spam mails or messages. Any unsolicited mails or messages will be blacklisted aswell as reported to authorities. POPIA also makes it illegal for companies to sell databases (referred to as “directories”) of contact information without first seeking your permission to do so, therefore sharing the information to any third parties for the purpose of spamming is prohibited.

From time to time we will share and showcase to our clients our portfolio and industry appropriate information via mail or messages. We will not spam your servers and we will not share any of our client’s information, we value and respect every business and/or individual’s privacy.