Design Oval is a specialist design studio, focusing on brand design, packaging design and all sorts of other creative mischief. We get right down to business – we are not about fancy jargon, we all about getting the job done and getting it done well.

Over the years, we have built our own mindset, born from our past experiences, both in successes and failures, but all inspired by the same fibre: the more you get into the details of every layer of a brand, product or experience, the more likely you are to leave a strong mark on your audience. We believe that our passion and care for every project is clearly shown in the designs we have created.

Innovative Thinking

Einstein was certainly right — we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. In addition, with the rapid changes in society, the methods we have previously used to solve many of the problems we face are no longer effective. We need to develop new ways of thinking in order to design better solutions.

Strategic Thinking

From a design perspective, strategic thinking encourages designers to look at the design process as a problem-solving mechanism, starting by identifying the problem and working with both the client and the team to solve that problem. What it gets down to is “connecting the dots” to implementing a design strategy.

Flexibility Creates New Ideas

The ability to understand and act on changes in our environment and changes in human behaviour are becoming crucial skills. In order to embrace Design Thinking and innovation, we need to ensure that we have the right mindset, collaborative teams, and conducive environments.


Cost Effective

We are ideally situated within the market, not only approachable but respectful of the budget and timings. Our clients vary from start-ups and small businesses to established multi-nationals.

Not Limited

Our services are not limited. We run full projects from beginning to end and everything in between. We are creative experts and we love to create. The studio is equipped with latest technologies, including a CO2 laser machine, so we can fabricate niche items - whatever your creative needs are in the scope of design, just ask...

100% Transparency

There is no middle man here. We don't have project managers or account managers or red tape, so you are free to communicate with the people that are actually working on your project. We are all hands-on workers, we'll tell you if something is wrong.

While you are waiting somebody else is doing it.

Staying relevant, looking the part and being properly designed to stand out among all the chaos has become pivotal. Besides the ongoing struggles between the analytical and creative worlds, other factors have dramatically disrupted the way we see, understand, experience, and interpret the world around us. Technology is developing at such a rapid pace and consumers demand much more now that they are constantly switched on, always informed, and obsessively sharing everything with their networks. Human beings are driven by visual stimulation, anything that doesn't look good at first glance will get scrolled over, sad but true!